Hosting family or friends this holiday season? Accidents happen. What’s your plan when the inevitable spill takes place?

Tips to help clean a new (fresh) spill:

  • Dab the area. Using clean towels (paper or fabric), dab the area to soak up the spill.
  • Do NOT rub. Rubbing the area can move the stain around.
  • Change towels frequently. You want to use a clean towel, especially for colored stains.
  • Do NOT apply force. You don’t want to push the stain into the carpet.
  • Use a wet vac. For large spills, use a wet vac to suck up liquids.
  • Use water. Spritzing water on the stain after you have soaked up the majority can dilute the stain. Do NOT soak the area with water.
  • Remember! Clean the spot as soon as possible. A stain that sets into the fibers of the carpet can sometimes not be removed.

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