About  BioHome

bioHome is part of the bioCare Family of Companies that was first established in 2002 with the creation of bioLawn. Our goal is to use environmentally sound practices and safer products to create nurturing environments for the families in the communities we serve.

Our Story

bioLawn began in 2002 with a focus on creating luscious lawns through safer products and application methods. In 2010, we launched bioTree; a plant health organization that implements safer products and application methods for residential trees and shrubs. In 2012 we launched bioHome, which expands our safer products and application method approach to carpets, upholstery, and air ducts. In 2020, we merged Healthy Grass into our bioLawn brand which enhanced our offering with new services and ideas that fit within our safer products and application methods promise.

Our Mission

The bioCare Family of Companies achieves its mission to use safer products and application methods by:

  • Carefully selecting each product through vigorous research reviews, understanding how products are formulated, how they work in plants, and breakdown in the environment.
  • Connecting with university research scientists to trial new practices and products
  • Conducting limited trials on new products and application methods to ensure performance and safety prior to using them in our programs.
  • Training our technicians on proper identification of problems to minimize the number of treatments necessary
  • Strict protocols on application methods and equipment to ensure precise and appropriate application.


Our Promise

  • We will continually work to make your home and landscape a safer and more beautiful haven for you and your family.
  • We’re committed to helping restore our environment to a more natural condition.
  • To donate a portion of our profits to organizations in our local communities.
  • Continually research and use safer products to get the best results from the healthiest methods.
  • Unleash nature’s sustainable and life-giving abilities.



"I was very pleased with the carpet cleaning service. The technicians were very friendly, knowledgeable and communicated with me throughout the process. I liked that fact that there were no odors or perfumes left behind and the technicians even got down and sniffed the carpet to be sure all of the dog odors were out. I was shocked at how dirty the water was! I would definitely recommend this service."

Sue from Hudson


"We hired bioHome to clean 3 bedrooms, stairs, 2 area rugs, a couch, and chair. We couldn’t be happier with the service! They asked many questions to ensure the job was done right, took a lot of care moving furniture and always wore booties to keep things clean. They had new, high quality equipment and processes. They cleaned up very well afterwards and the products used left our home smelling great! Besides the top notch service, the prices were very reasonable compared to competitors. Thank you so much!"

Brian from Stillwater


"The men who cleaned my carpets did an excellent job, and maintained good humor even though their truck got stuck on my icy road! I appreciate their help and perseverance and attention to detail. I will use bioHome for carpet cleaning again, and I might contact you about furniture cleaning in the spring."

Kathy from Golden Valley


"I was very happy with the service especially the living room which was heavily stained. The technicians were very professional and explained everything that they were doing. I really appreciate that they worked as a team and moved all my furniture using coasters so I didn’t have to do that myself. I can’t wait to have them back to add in my stairs and hallway!"

Pat from Stillwater